Risk Pooling: Is This The Right Way To Go?

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Group insurance plan costs have been rising substantially and steadily for the past several years. Why not join a group insurance pool to better control future cost increases? The information presented below will enable you to validate whether plan pooling is the optimal solution for your business.

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2017: An Outstanding Year For the Stock Market

As you probably noticed in your recent annual statement, your pension plan posted solid returns in 2017. This is not surprising, as the stock market performed strongly last year, in spite of political turmoil. Healthy financial market performances were driven by a rarely seen synchronized global economic expansion. Economic growth generally picked up in 2017, and corporate earnings were in sync.

Whether you are a pension plan sponsor or an individual investor, it is important for you to understand the stock market results in order to be able to assess the performance of your plan managers. With this in mind, we prepared the following summary of key stock market developments in 2017.

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Pharmacogenetics : A Huge Potential For Employees' Health

Is it possible to know in advance whether a drug will work effectively? How can you know whether the dosage prescribed by a doctor will be the right one for the person? Is it possible to know the efficacy of a treatment other than by trial and error? Pharmacogenetics’ answers to these questions are a resounding "Yes"! Read this article to learn more about the benefits of pharmacogenetics.

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2018 Social Benefits Legislation: Discover All You Need To Know

For the payroll officers of Quebec organizations, a new calendar year often brings changes to statutory payroll taxes. Both federal and provincial governments use this time of year to index the amounts and rates of their many social programs.

As all this information may sometimes prove difficult to understand and even more complicated to apply, we developed a practical guide on the 2018 social benefits legislation. To find out more about this subject, read this article!

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Labour Shortage: Do You Have Recruitment Issues?

For several months now, dozens of organizations made the headlines because they are finding it increasingly difficult to attract employees. Others reported they are putting up large posters in several highly visible locations to promote the fact they are hiring. However, according to Statistics Canada data published on November 1st, 2017, there are 5.2 jobless people for every job vacancy in Quebec. What can we make of this?

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Travel Insurance: Bring More Than Your Bikini & Toothbrush

The vast majority of group healthcare insurance contracts include travel insurance. This insurance covers most expenses incurred further to an accident, an injury or a sudden illness that occurs while travelling outside of your province of residence.

However, several factors can have a significant impact on the expenses that will be covered. In this article, you will find out many things to consider before leaving on your trip!

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What To Do With Your Retirement Savings Once You Retire?

As a business, you probably already offer a pension plan to your employees. If you don’t, you should act now to comply with the law. The first concern of employees is usually making sure they accumulate the right amount to meet their retirement needs.

But when they are about to reach retirement, many employees also wonder what options they have with their accumulated money. Different possibilities exist, but some are much more attractive than others. Read this article to learn more on your retirement savings options!

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Disability & Absence Management: A Headache For Managers?

Disability and absence management is now consuming much of the time spent on managing human resources. Not only do absences and disabilities represent a significant expense due to their high direct costs (7-10% of the insurable payroll), but they are also a day to day operational headache for managers.

In an environment where organizations are facing a severe labour shortage exacerbated by aging demographics, absenteeism is compounding the challenges, thus warranting major changes to workforce management practices.

By implementing different approaches proven to be effective for controlling absence rates, improving employee productivity and reducing the duration of disabilities, it is possible to reverse the trend and even enhance your performance! 

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Quebec Pension Plan: Changes Are Confirmed

In the summer of 2016, the Federal Finance Minister and nine provincial counterparts agreed to enhance the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). Quebec was the only province that did not sign the agreement.

The provincial government was seeking an alternate way of enhancing the Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) for the benefit of Quebecers, as it was concerned about the impact of the Canadian reform on low-income workers.

Further to Ottawa’s decision to enhance the Working income tax benefit (which will prevent low-income employees from being penalized), Quebec has reversed its position on this issue. Read on to learn more on the subject!

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Do your employees suffer from sleep disorders?

Improving their employees’ sleep quality is usually not a priority for businesses, but maybe it should be! Indeed, sleep disorders can be costly, with productivity losses averaging $5,000 a year for each employee affected, according to a study of 1,000 Quebec residents conducted by renowned researcher Dr. Charles Morin. Moreover, did you know that employees with insomnia account for 23% of the costs associated with major workplace accidents and errors? Read on to learn more on the subject!

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