Pharmacy Invoice: Learn to Interpret It!

As of September 15, 2017, pharmacies are required to provide a detailed pharmacy invoice for prescription drugs purchased in Quebec and included in the list of RAMQ covered drugs. This law was put in place to provide the consumer with detailed information on the price of prescription drugs. However, the nuances between the various fees included in the pharmacy invoice may seem quite complex.

To help you find your way around, we offer you, in this article, an overview of the main aspects to better understand the information provided on your pharmacy invoice.

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Should You Reduce Salaries To Pay Group Insurance Premiums?

I recently read a document recommending that employers pay 100% of group insurance premiums. The author suggested that employers would find it financially profitable to reduce employee salaries and pay the full amount of premiums, instead of keeping salaries at their current level and share premium costs with employees, on a 50-50 basis for example.

Is this really the case? Does this approach truly generate lasting savings? Are there any tax-related risks involved? Here are some answers!

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Is Your Brother-In-Law’s Group Insurance Better Than Yours?

Did you ever have the “chance” to discuss group insurance plans with your brother-in-law? “My plan is generous, I have dental, glasses, etc.” He would make anyone envious! 

But comparing group insurance plans is not that simple. Several factors must be taken into account as they can impact plan costs.

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AGA: The Leader In Group Insurance Plans Administration

Are you wondering what makes AGA Benefit Solutions unique compared to other brokers?

Our extensive benefits expertise is evidently a factor, but our Private Management services are undoubtedly our key differentiator. Indeed, AGA is a TPA/TPP, i.e. a third-party administrator and a third-party payer. In other words, beyond our role as benefits advisors, we handle plan administration and claims payment in place of insurance companies.

This business model allows us to deliver several advantages to employers and their administrators as well as to their employees.

This year, we are celebrating AGA’s 40th anniversary, and we want to tell you the exciting story behind our private management services and how we became the leading group insurance plans administration firm in Quebec.

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Maintaining Insurance Coverage While Off Work: Do's & Don'ts

When your employees are off work on a maternity leave, a leave without pay or due to a temporary layoff, you plan for their replacement or the transfer of their workload, the utilization of banked vacation time, etc. But do you know what will come of their insurance coverage during their absence? Is coverage continuation mandatory? Who will be paying the premiums? The answer to these questions may differ depending on the type of absence. Find out here what you need to know to properly manage such situations.

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Is Your Employees' Retirement Pension Plan in Good Shape?

Are you confident that your employees' retirement pension plan is generous and competitive? Everything looks fine and there are no complaints from employees. But are you absolutely sure there is no problem?

If your retirement pension plan has not been updated within the past 2 or 3 years, it may very well not be in the best of shape. It may be uncompetitive, costly and unattractive for employees without you knowing it. Read on to find out what you can do to ensure that your current retirement pension plan is competitive!

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AGA Celebrates 40 Years of Success!

AGA Benefit Solutions is proudly marking its 40th anniversary this year! A leader in customized group benefit and pension plans in Quebec, the company has built its success on innovation by providing its business clients with leading-edge products that truly meet their needs. And this is precisely what AGA intends to keep doing for at least the next forty years!

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How Do Employees Perceive Group Insurance Plans?

In our discussions with employers, we often realize that they know very little about what their employees think of group insurance plans. Unfortunately, their impressions are frequently based on comments heard from day to day, often from the chief grumblers!

As we constantly strive for solutions to devise group insurance plans that are both attractive for employees and affordable for employers, knowing the opinion of employees is key to this effort!

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5 Critical Factors Leading To Shorter Disability Periods

Faced with the ever-escalating costs associated with disability plans, employers have no choice but to rely on effective claims management strategies, particularly to reduce the duration of disability-related absences.

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Risk Pooling: Is This The Right Way To Go?

Pooling Group Insurance.jpg

Group insurance plan costs have been rising substantially and steadily for the past several years. Why not join a group insurance pool to better control future cost increases? The information presented below will enable you to validate whether plan pooling is the optimal solution for your business.

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