What to Know About the Changes Made on Pharmacy Receipts

Did you know that Bill 92 was passed by the National Assembly of Quebec on December 6, 2016?  From the outset, Bill 92's objectives was to regulate certain business practices related to the distribution of prescription drugs.

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Prescription drug insurance: Is your plan too costly?

You just received your premium renewal for your group insurance plan, and the cost is going up... again! You ask your broker how to address the issue and he proposes a range of options to reduce health care coverage. This will not be welcomed by your employees, but what else can you do? You could begin by ensuring you are making full use of all the means at your disposal to manage prescription drug insurance costs as effectively as possible without any coverage reduction. Read on and find out how!

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Online Doctor Consultation: An Advantage for your Employees

An ageing population, shortage of physicians, work overload, health system disorganization, etc. are all factors that put pressure on our universal health system, often making access to health care difficult. Many employees have to take several hours off work to see a doctor for a sore throat or a headache. Such absences affect not only the lives of employees, but also the profitability and productivity of their employers.

AGA Benefit Solutions is therefore pleased to announce it is partnering with Equinoxe to provide its clients and their employees with the services of a virtual clinic. This virtual clinic will improve access to an online doctor. To learn more about this online service, read this article now!

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Group Insurance Plan: Mandatory Membership for Businesses

You just hired new employees. Congratulations! On their first day at the office, you welcome and introduce them to your group insurance plan. When you advise them of how much they will need to pay for it, they find it too expensive and their first reaction is to refuse to enroll. In sympathy with them, you are prepared to give in to their request... but did you know that contractual and legal obligations prevent you from doing so? Read on, to find out more on the subject!

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6 signs  it's time to contribute to your employees' retirement plan

Have you been hesitating for years to make contributions to your employees’ retirement plan? The one thing you should know is that this would be highly profitable for you, much more than increasing wages. It is a win-win situation for your organization and your employees!

Here are 6 signs that the time has come for your company to contribute to your employees’ retirement plan.

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Disability Management: How to Properly Use Medical Expertise

Medical expertise consists in asking for an expert opinion on various issues related to an individual’s health. In the workplace, it can be used in many situations, whether the employee is still working (absenteeism) or off work (e.g., disability, occupational injury, car accident).

For medical expertise to be significant and helpful in the settlement of absenteeism or disability situations, certain basic principles must be followed. To find out more about medical expertise, read the following!

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Wellness Initiatives at Work: 8 Ideas that Can Help

You know how important it is to contribute to your employees’ quality of work life. You listen to your employees, and your corporate culture fosters boldness and innovation. Your employees demonstrate a fantastic team spirit. That’s great! You could probably write this article. But like most employers, you are presumably looking for ideas to enhance your employees’ health and wellness initiatives at work. Below are a few pointers that may inspire you and nicely complement a benefits program!

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HR Budget: Where is the money invested in?

You may be surprised to learn that an HR budget is mostly invested in job sites, staffing agencies and recruiting tools. These are the takeaways of a LinkedIn 2016 survey of more than 2,500 corporate recruiters across 35 countries.

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Waiver of Premium Life Insurance: Why you must request it?

Did you know that you must request a waiver of premiums for all disability cases, even when the long-term disability (LTD) benefits are not paid by the insurer? Yes, even for CNESST or SAAQ cases! Neglecting this could have costly consequences, including having to pay the life insurance benefit yourself.

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Group Insurance: How much does it cost?

According to the CLHIA (Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association), 69% of Canadians have access to a private group insurance plan. Consequently, if your business is growing and you are not offering group insurance, chances are you will soon be asking yourself a few important questions. 

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